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Re-Opening of Manston Airport

There has been a long, difficult struggle with the re-opening of Manton Airport. There are many mixed views about the viability and necessity of the airport. Here, at Guildcrest Commercial, we have supported the re-opening for the greater good of the overall area in terms of opportunities job job creation and economic growth. With our office being located next to Manston Airport too, we enjoy the thought of seeing the area grow and prosper with the forth coming cargo hub. It may be only a matter of time for passenger flights too which will also bring further growth and opportunities. We are excited to see Thanet and East Kent benefit from the emergence of related businesses and commercial enterprises too. Although we have touched on a few salient points there are many other factors to consider with the re-opening of Manston Airport.

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The reopening of Manston Airport, located in Kent, England, could potentially have several economic benefits for the local area and the broader region. These benefits can include:

Job Creation:

Re-opening the airport would likely lead to the creation of various job opportunities, both directly and indirectly related to airport operations. These jobs could range from airport staff (such as pilots, air traffic controllers, ground crews, and security personnel) to positions in retail, hospitality, and transportation services that serve the airport and its passengers.

Increased Tourism:

A functioning airport can attract tourists and business travellers to the region. More visitors mean more spending on accommodation, dining, entertainment, and local attractions, which can boost the local tourism industry and create additional jobs.

Cargo and Freight Services:

Manston Airport could serve as a hub for cargo and freight services, facilitating the movement of goods in and out of the region. This can help local businesses with efficient logistics and potentially attract companies looking for a strategic location for their distribution centres.

Cargo Plane - Guildcrest Commercial - Manston airport re-opening and Manston Airport Decision - Commercial properties for sale in Kent

Business Opportunities:

The presence of an airport can attract businesses that rely on air transport for their operations, such as logistics companies, courier services, and aircraft maintenance facilities. These businesses can contribute to the local economy through job creation and business revenue.

Infrastructure Development:

The reopening of Manston Airport may necessitate infrastructure improvements, such as road upgrades, expanded public transportation services, and increased capacity at local hotels and restaurants. These infrastructure projects can stimulate economic growth and improve overall connectivity in the region.

Increased Property Values:

The presence of an operational airport can lead to increased property values in the surrounding areas, benefiting property owners and potentially generating more local tax revenue for public services.

Supply Chain Benefits:

For local manufacturers and businesses, an operational airport can provide faster and more efficient supply chain options, helping them reach national and international markets more effectively.

Skills Development:

The reopening of an airport may require workforce training and development programs to prepare residents for various job opportunities in aviation and related industries. This can lead to an improved local workforce and enhanced employment prospects for residents.

It's important to note that the extent of these economic benefits will depend on various factors, including the scale and success of the airport operations, the level of investment, and the ability to attract airlines and businesses to the area. Additionally, there may be environmental and community concerns that need to be addressed as part of the airport's reopening.

Having many commercial properties for sale in Kent as well as more locally in Manston Business Park, Thanet and our new development in Lakesview Business Park, Sandwich means that we can offer cutting edge, new buildings for any local business or national businesses looking to gain a foothold in the area. A list of our currently available commercial properties to buy in Kent can be accessed by following this LINK

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