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Power Float Concrete Floors... Polishing up on the details!

Guildcrest Commercial - Light industrial and Commercial Unit concrete power floating machine
Concrete Power Floating Machine

We can all agree that we would all want to 'have a go' on the concrete power floating machine! Especially considering the fantastic weather that we have been experiencing recently. As much fun as it looks there is a seriousness to why we have utilised the machine within all of our Commercial and Light Industrial units. We will explain these reasons below and this will help to encapsulate and demonstrate the attention to the finer details that we endeavour to build to.

What is power float concrete flooring?

Having a concrete floor is essential for most Commercial and Light Industrial units. There are many businesses that have heavy items that they store or will distribute from their warehouse. It may even be the case that a further floor covering is required for your business such as rubber matting, carpet or vinyl etc. Power float concrete is a concrete finish that is achieved using a power float machine such as the one in the image above. The machine is designed to smooth and to some extent level a newly laid but hardened concrete floor. The machine is used after all the 'bleed' water has evaporated. To the underside of the machine are two large rotating circular pans. These pans spin and create a polished and buffed concrete finish.

Guildcrest Commercial - Power Float concrete floor on our light industrial and commercial units
Power Float Concrete Floor

What are the benefits of power floating concrete?

Creating a smooth and polished surface

In order to achieve an aesthetically pleasing shine to the concrete surface, power floating ultimately results in a smooth and polished surface. This means that your business can safely store on top, clean, paint, apply a further covering to a smooth surface.

Resistance to cracking

Once the concrete has preliminary set the smoothing action of the power floater re-compacts the concrete floor. Any hairline cracks that have appeared during the initial drying period being too fast are re-sealed. The smooth finish to the concrete helps to remove the undulations in the concrete that can potentially cause further fracturing or cracking of the concrete in the future. This therefore makes the concrete less susceptible to cracking in the future which in turn reduces ongoing maintenance and repair costs.

Reduce dust

A power floated concrete floor creates a denser finish of concrete than a non-power floated floor by compacting the surface heavily. Dust can not only be a general annoyance but it can also impact health and also affect the quality of the products and goods that are manufactured or stored in our Light industrial and Commercial Units. We take pride in our finishes so you can take pride in what you distribute to your clients!


Light Industrial units and the businesses contained within often utilise heavy lifting equipment such as forklifts or pallet trucks. A power floated floor makes an ideal choice for an industrial floor for the reason of the heavy use mentioned above. Some other features of a power floated floor is that the concrete becomes heavily moisture resistant. This will mean that any accidental spillages of liquids can be easily contained, mopped and dried off quickly. This will ensure that your concrete floor will keep looking great for longer.

Easy maintenance

We have already covered how smooth a power floated floor is, but we haven't discussed a standard concrete finish. A standard concrete finish will have many 'lumps and bumps' as well as hairline cracks and small pitted areas. It is therefore extremely difficult to keep a standard concrete floor, with these imperfections, clean. A smooth polished floor, such as a power floated floor, will allow you the ease of just using a hoover, broom or a mop to maintain it's pleasing look.

Do our Light Industrial and Commercial Units have a power floated floor?

Quite simply, yes they do! We believe that it is an essential requirement for any business or enterprise to have a power floated floor. The list above should highlight enough reasons as to why we have these floors as standard. However, should you have any further questions about this or any other questions at all, please do not hesitate to call any one of our highly experienced and friendly team via our CONTACT US page.

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