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Locate In Kent - Guildcrest Commercial

Guildcrest Commercial had the pleasure in having a visit from Catherine Igoe from Locate in Kent.

The meeting was about how Guildcrest Commercial can assist with highlighting the many benefits of re-locating a business in Kent and also about the vast array of light industrial and commercial units that we have available to buy and rent. With our current site at Innovation Business Park in Manston and also our future development at Lake View Business Park in Sandwich both strategically located for communication and co-working benefits, it was a supreme fit to be working hand in hand with Catherine and also the team at Locate in Kent.

Catherine Igoe from Locate in Kent visits Guildcrest Commercial in Manston, Thanet, Kent

Catherine explained about their works that they are undertaking with Key commercial sites and developments throughout Kent, Medway and Thanet. A snippet from the Locate in Kent website perfectly explains why businesses should choose Kent as their preferred base of operations:

"Kent is home to high quality and cost effective business parks, development land, offices and industrial properties, offering the perfect setting for a range of key business sectors.

On London’s doorstep and directly connected to seaports, the Eurotunnel and the Eurostar, mainland Europe is within easy reach. And with seven new communities delivering 120,000 new high spec homes, community facilities like schools and healthcare centres, and a strong cultural and sustainable agenda, Kent is a great place to work and live.

Our team really understands the importance of finding a property that meets your business needs and providing support for a seamless and smooth relocation or expansion."

We had pleasure in being able to show Catherine around a few of our properties and to go through our past, present and future portfolio's. in was an exciting time to be able to showcase our offerings and our dedication and commitment to quality and diversity of our portfolio.

Coupled with the meeting was the ability to discuss the benefits of working closely with Locate in Kent over the coming months and years. We have agreed to share our properties onto their property search platform and therefore we aim to bolster the proposition of Kent as a viable and attainable location for businesses.

Guildcrest Commercial Logo

There seemed particular interest in and around our proposed Innovation Centre, still within Manston, Manston with the prospect of some early pre-construction expressions of interest. The Innovation Centre will be a sustainable and cutting edge facility built specifically to enhance innovative businesses and foster further growth to help accelerate and promote the UK to the forefront of emerging technologies and sciences.

Innovation Centre in Thanet, East Kent - Guildcrest Commercial

Further expressions of interest are encouraged at this time by licking the button below:

Overall a great time was had by all but it is encouraging to know that there are many businesses, institutions and like minded people who are all working towards the common goal 'Locate in Kent'.

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