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Light Industrial and Commercial Units near me

Location with regards to your business is critical! Making sure that your business is accessible and viable should be and is a top priority. With this in mind, location is crucial for a business park for several other reasons too, because it directly impacts the success and functionality of the park and the businesses within it.

Guildcrest Commercial carefully select the areas where we design and build our Light Industrial and Commercial units. We take into consideration where the best locality would be for potential purchasers and rentals of our units. We build the units to an exceptional standard with many features that benefit our clients.

In this post we will explore the reasoning why location is important for any and all of our business and commercial parks.


A prime location ensures that the business park is easily accessible to employees, clients, and suppliers. Proximity to major transportation hubs, such as airports, ports, major roads and motorways, and public transport, can significantly reduce commuting times and transportation costs for businesses and their employees.

Here at Guildcrest Commercial we currently have two separate projects running the first is Manston, Innovation Business Park and the other is Lake View Business Park which are located near to the Kent Manston International Airport which will, hopefully in the future, be a cargo and passenger airport. It is also just off the A299 Thanet Way which leads directly to the M2 and onwards to London. It is also only 5 miles away Ramsgate Royal Port and Harbour and just less than 20 miles away from the Port of Dover. There is also the new Thanet Parkway Station about 2 miles South of Manston.

These significant transport links and hubs can help you to maximise your business opportunities not only here in Kent but also throughout the UK and also throughout Europe and the rest of the world! A well phrased saying is "The World is your Oyster". Our locations and your business can be the precious Oyster at the heart!

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Visibility and Exposure

A strategically located business park in a high-traffic area can provide businesses with increased visibility and exposure to potential customers. Being situated in a busy commercial area or near popular attractions can lead to greater foot traffic and more opportunities for business growth.

Our Innovation Business Park is located within the wider Manston Business Park district which has easily over 100 existing businesses ranging from construction companies, home and garden companies, leisure activities, educational suppliers, manufacturers, suppliers and storage companies.

Our development at Lake View Business Park is located adjacent to the old Pfizer building which has now been renamed as Discovery Park in Sandwich.

There are many different companies within the Discovery Park including medical and science based companies and some innovation based businesses too. Having these two large development areas within easy reach can hugely increase your visibility and exposure for co-working benefits as well as having potential as further clients for your business.

Amenities and Infrastructure

The location of a business park often determines the availability of essential amenities and infrastructure, such as utilities, reliable internet connectivity, and communication networks. A well-developed area with access to these facilities can enhance business operations and productivity.

All of our Light industrial and Commercial units are connected to 3 phase electricity and also superfast broadband. The 3 phase electricity gives the flexibility for differing machinery that your business may need. The super fast broadband is a must in todays fast and connected world.

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Networking Opportunities

A business located in a thriving business park or near other complementary industries can facilitate networking and collaboration opportunities among companies. This can lead to the exchange of ideas, partnerships, and potential business growth through synergistic relationships.

Our business parks are well designed and though out, which means that many businesses are attracted to them. The units are well suited to most businesses which results in a large and diverse community. Like minded and complimentary businesses can help to drive customer engagement and involvement. Speak to our colleagues, here at Guildcrest Commercial to gain an understanding of who we already have within our communities.

Networking with Guildcrest Commercial

Workforce Attraction

A favourable location can attract a skilled and diverse workforce. People are more likely to consider job opportunities in areas that offer a desirable living environment, with access to quality housing, schools, healthcare, recreational facilities, and cultural activities.

With our business parks being located close to railway stations and also on main roads there are plenty of ways to attract the right workforce to compliment your business. With the diverse scope that our light industrial units and commercial units can provide, we are confident that any business can thrive and grow by selecting their skilled colleagues. The new light industrial, commercial and office units also have an electric vehicle charger (EV) provided as part of our standard specification. This again gives confidence that all modes of transport can be catered for now, and in the future.

Regulation and Legal Considerations

Different locations may have varying regulations and laws that can impact business operations. Choosing a location with business-friendly policies and a favourable legal environment can make it easier for companies to navigate regulatory hurdles and establish their presence.

Our colleagues here or the team at our Sales Agent, Guildcrest Estates, will be more than happy to talk you through this difficult area. Feel free to contact us.

Brand Image and Reputation

The location of any business park can influence the perception of businesses operating within it. Being situated in a prestigious or well-regarded area can enhance a company's brand image and reputation, which can be beneficial when attracting clients and investors. Having new commercial units for sale or rent, Guildcrest Commercial, can offer the prestigious and look of a successful business. With your signage and image combining seamlessly with a new unit, this really could be your time to stand out from the crowd.


While prime locations may offer numerous advantages, they can also be more expensive. Striking the right balance between a desirable location and cost-effectiveness is crucial for businesses to ensure they can afford their operating expenses without compromising their growth potential.

Our light industrial, office and commercial units are located within prime location business parks. All of our units are available for sale, for rent or for investment. Being located on a business park keeps costs down, especially in comparison to high street locations. Also being located within these parks mean that your clients and potential customers will be naturally drawn to them knowing that there are a multitude of businesses within the same area.

Overall, the location of a business park plays a pivotal role in its success, attracting businesses, employees, and customers while providing an environment conducive to growth and collaboration. As a result, careful consideration of location factors is essential when planning and developing a business park. If you would like to speak to us about this or any more information, please do CONTACT US

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